In residence from
February to April 2017.

From thought of seeing, from ellipse to slip, from missed gestures idea to idea disorder, Mathilde Denize’s work comes from a desire to bring out the meaning in a present fragmented.
As a ritual of domestic religiosity, Mathilde Denize is looking for, moves, installs, reorganizes that she chooses to find; always with few means.
The painting is an open diary, which punctuates and meets other formal sculptures and thoughts.
With “slightest moves” (in tribute to the work of Fernand Deligny), nearby, Mathilde Denize depicts forgotten and anonymous forms, witnesses of a contemporary archeology.
Born in 1986; graduated of the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2013, selected at the 58th Salon de Montrouge same year, Mathilde Denize lives and works in Paris.
She frequently exhibits, including curations by Julie Crenn or Léa Bismuth.
(Gallery Polaris, Cac la Traverse, MIAM, Dol Fine Arts museum).

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