photo © Philibert Tapissier

In residence
From September to November 2017


Clément Bagot’s drawings stand right between abstract and figurative art. The parceling of their graphic meshing is so intense that it is hard to tell whether it gives shape to the surface of the paper or if it disintegrate it. This ambiguous form of territory also appears in his sculptures that are all at once robust and fragile, anchored and floating. They evoke a spatial configuration that is both discontinued and connected. As with the drawings, one is confronted with a space that is both defined with meticulous care and impossible to seize. It is a dynamic paradox that focuses the attention and sends one back to one’s being-there. The lightness of these architectures is an echo of the flimsy craft activities of childhood. They are locked in boxes, designed to last, and of mathematical precision. They are, however, subjected to the laws of analysis and measurement. The presence of land surveyor’s tools evokes a demiurgic will opposed by a conscience of finiteness. Located in this tension, Clément Bagot’s architectures contain possibilities that he wishes to display on a bigger scale in the form of installations so that they stand solidly behind the spectator.
M. Pilven

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